The End of an Era

The time has come the walrus said...
The K.R.A.T. is no longer.
Ok, we still are, but we have some new additions to the team.

On May 20, 2010 these two love birds tied the knot.
Scott and Kristi Haslam

Resulting in the K.R.A.T with a Silent "S"

Sadly I didn't take any pictures at the wedding.
This one was taken on the way to the luncheon.

In 26 days the K.R.A.T. will welcome a Silent "C" to the team.

This joyous and long awaited event will result in me being kicked out of the "hut" and moving back in with my parentals.
On May 30, 2010 our beloved Rachel fled the country.
She hoped on a plane and headed to Canada
where she will spend the rest of her summer nannying
two cute little boys. We miss her dearly.
The hut is just not the same without her.
Here are some photos from our last days as the K.R.A.T.

Last K.R.A.T. sleepover as single women.

Preschool farm fieldtrip

All 3 of our beds in one room

Face Mask/Chick Flick Night

Playing "homeless" haha yes we know we are weird. and yes you will never understand.

Things will never be the same. We are growing up. This chapter is closed.
Onto new and exciting things.
Amy Lynn


preston. shawnee. cohen said...

Amy I didn't know you had a blog??! I don't think you had one when I added you to my private list right? Anyway, it's cute, and you are cute! Congrats to Kristi! I saw her announcement on Sandy's fridge, they are super cute. Anyway, I'm adding you to my list now :)

rachel. said...

woman, i read this post sometimes it makes me feel at home! haha just listening to your page, its pretty great.

rachel. said...

haha still funny!! also i look creepy as a midget.

oh you and treg... the things i do for you :] kidding.