last weekend was full of homework.
this weekend
i did no homework
and only played.
it was GREAT :)
it started friday night with my mamma.
she's been cooped up in the house because of her surgery, and my dad was out of town, so we decided to make a night out of it.
first dinner at brick oven.
and then we did some shopping where i bought these items..

saturday i babysat the two silliest girlies ever.
meet macie and alli
we had lots of fun.
watching jungle book.
making crafts.
taking silly pictures.
dance party with miley cyrus.
and playing games.

Today is Michelle's birthday and we celebrated yesterday by eating at CPK.
we had some friendly next door neighbors who wanted to take pictures of us and then they jumped in.
After dinner we set out on an adventure called
22 random photos with 22 random humans.
we set off to none other than walmart to accomplish this task.
first however, we pulled over some interesting men.
and took a picture with them
(they may or may not be mad at their fathers... just sayin')
i won't post all twenty two pictures, however here are some real winners

words cannot describe the hilarity of this task.
some people embraced it.
some people were creeped out by us.
one man picked michelle up.
i almost peed.
as you can see.
this weekend trumped last weekend by far.
happy birthday mishka :)
love, amy lynn

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