as of late i've had the urge, desire, longing to blog.
who knows.
the majority of people that read this are the ones i see and talk to everyday so they know my life.
and it's not too exciting.
but somehow here i am...
rambling about nothing.
today was a day of firsts.
i took my FIRST zumba class. which was a success.
for the FIRST time i felt fear about the outcome of this "missionary" thing.
and i refused my FIRST preschool double chocolate chip cookie.
(if you knew how good these were you would be proud)
on another note.
i'm a pretty funny person.
funny in the sense that i'm weird, random, and unique.
i say weird things, i do weird things, i kind of have no shame.
i'm not very funny in the blog world.
i don't know why.
texting... i'm funny
face to face...funny
in my head....funny
but it just doesn't come to me here.
possibly because i'm pretty much talking to the www. or myself.
blogging equals homework procrastination
i feel as if that's where my desire to blog stems from.
it is calling my name.
so i must attend to my duties as a student.
this is all nonsense.
the end.
the future mrs. harris
(gahhhahah nice ring eh?)
(and to my dear friend rodrigo...i'm halfway there to back that red head name up)


rachel. said...

hahaha truth!
also amy i think your funny in the blog world too. fact.

paige and jord said...

i love you amy!

Tregani Lanham said...

i was very proud about the cookie...and also i considered hiding it today so you'd think somebody ate it :)