it's true.
i was tagged by dear ashley.
rules of the tag are as follows.
share 15 interesting facts about yourself.
tag five people.
here goes.

1. it drives me crazy when i'm in the bathroom and the shower curtain is closed, but no one is in the shower.

2. i have a very hard time with textures whether it be food, fabric, etc.
there are many things that look good and in theory sound good, but i can't get myself to eat due to texture
for example..cottage cheese, green beans, tomatoes, yogurt in large quantities.. you get the idea.
also, i HATE when people rub their hands or feet against carpet. it makes me want to vomit.

3. i have a very extensive shoe collection.  i may or may not be an addict. we're talking 90 plus.
in my defense my feet haven't grown since jr. high.
but clearly, shoes are my thing.
i once said
"there is not a pair of shoes i wouldn't wear"
i have since taken that statement back..but seriously. i love most of them

4. i have never seen any star wars movie (or clip for that matter) and i don't ever intend to.

5. i love sharp new crayons, but hate the smell of crayons.

6. i like white chocolate better than milk or dark chocolate, but let's be honest.. i'll take it in all forms.

7. i once went to disneyland and disneyworld in the same month. best month ever.
and i also intend on getting a disneyland season pass when i get wed.

8. at the ripe old age of 23, i still have yet to learn to drive a stick shift. and when i tell people this they ALWAYS act like i'm the biggest retard ever.
sorry people. i've always had automatics.

9. i secretly write poems.
i share the funny ones with people,
but i write real ones too...quite often in fact.

10. in the summer of 2008 i got a bracelet from lake powell and i have not once taken it off.  almost 3 years. woot woot.

11. i spread strawberry jam on top of my grilled cheese sandwiches (don't judge until you try :) and put my string cheese in the microwave for 11 seconds before i eat it.

12.three things you will always find in my purse... sharpies.gum.orange tic tacs.

13. I plan on adopting at least one (hopefully two) children someday.

14. i have a select group of words that i say WAY too much called...
well called is one of them. also. human. i feel. that just happened. for real. adding skis to the end of everything. can i just tell you? woman. wom. and the list goes on

and last but not least.

15. it is 11:00pm on a friday night and i am about to go to bed...
and i'm not even mad at it.

well there you have it... interesting right?
i shall tag

love amy lynn


Mike, Adi & Drew said...

you're blog cracks me up! random thoughts are the best! i'm not surprised you write poems, you're a good writer (from what I've read on your posts) and you are very descriptive. I love it!

Kristi Haslam said...

Am, I love this post!...and you! haha number 11 reminds me of the old days with Niki and Jenni stewart.

ashley.warner said...

i love your post!
i think its awesome how many shoes you have! :)
what size shoes do you wear?

hope you had a good weekend!