love letters.

valentine's is tomorrow as we all know.
i have mixed feeling about the holiday.
in elementary i LOVED it.
decorating boxes.
picking out valentines for each kid in the class.
then i went to jr. high where i grew to HATE valentine's day.
my friends and i would boycott the day and wear all black.
(but secretly we were all hoping that someone had sent us valegrams.)
in high school it was sixes.
i had a boyfriend.
we celebrated the holiday.
but i didn't really care.
which brings me to the present day.
i like hearts. and pink. purple. red.
flowers.chocolate.teddy bears. treats.
but what i love the most are the love letters :)

so here is a letter to my valentine all the way in washington....

Dear Leland,

our valentine's together have been far from perfect.
some have even been disastrous.
even though we are apart this valentine's day, i consider it to be the best one yet.
you are doing what you love the most, and i am happy.
i anxiously await the opening of the letter i got last week in the mail that said "do not open until valentine's"
you know me, i'm the world's worst at surprises and being patient.
i just wanted to tell you a few reasons why i love you.
#1- you let me watch movies with the subtitles on.
that annoys most people.
#2- you are the most hard working, obedient missionary i know.
my testimony is strengthened each time i read your letters and experiences.
#3- you are a great listener and advice giver.
#4- when i feel homeless, you call me beautiful.
#5- you treat my family as if they are your own.  you are kind, helpful, respectful, and you make yourself at home.
#6- you've taught me the importance of having a strong relationship with my Father in Heaven.
#7- you started wearing jeans for me. (and look very attractive in them)
#8- you love me...weirdness and all.  if you were to write me a love letter for the world to see i feel as if it would go something like this

the number one reason i love you however, is because you are my best friend.  you are the person who knows me in and out.  you are the person who believes in me, when i don't believe in myself.  you pick me up when i'm down.  you laugh with me, you cry with me.  you bring out the best in me.
i love you.
be mine?
love, sheila lynn

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ashley.warner said...

how cuteeeeee is this?! I love it! :)