institute dance ever.
quite the experience.
went with this lady
who was supposed to be on a date with some guy (at the dance mind you)
but i came to make the already awkward just a little more awkward.
we created our own fun of course.
we creeped close to people and took pictures so it looked like we were part of their group.
like so...
we took pictures with our former institute teacher without him knowing.

took pictures of our feet...naturally
and danced the night away
the best part was most definitely the people watching.
there are some WINNERS.
my first institute dance will also be my last. haha
amy lynn.


Mike, Adi & Drew said...

wow! Ya'll's institute dances are huge! I think maybe only 1 I've ever gone too had more than 50 people but the others, maybe had 20-30...looks fun!

rachel. said...
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rachel. said...

i am laughing so hard.
it just made this night optimal.

ashley.warner said...

um...I want to be invited.
I secretly love going to institute dances and finding hottie men (the rare 10 that are there)

if you ever go again, can I please join?!

Samantha said...

institute dances are seriously the best. you can dance like a fool and fit right in! love it!