are you smarter than a 5th grader?

this passed friday wrapped up my field experience with the 5th graders.
time flew by and i will miss them dearly.
when i first started i thought they were smelly and weird,
but i very quickly grew to love them.
they are great.
Mrs. Denning's 5th grade class.

we also got to work a little with some other 5th grade classes for science.
two little boys had crushes on rachel and i.
they would come in the classroom every recess to hang out, they held doors open for us, and on the last day they gave us bracelets from their wrists. haha so funny
boy in the camo loved rachel.
boy in the hat loved me.


i'm sad the time has come.
now i have hours upon hours of homework to catch up on.
and real school to attend.
2 more weeks.
then school is over :)
love, amyLynn


Mike, Adi & Drew said...

I know how you feel! I LOVED the kids I student taught...much more than I love the kids I've had since I actually started teaching full time. Isn't that weird? Glad school is almost done for you!!

rachel. said...

love :)

ashley.warner said...

how fun :)
what are your plans for the summer? Are you doing summer school?