in honor of elder harris year mark,
we had a night of celebration.
my friends are great, let me just say.
we went to terra mia and shared pizza and pasta.
attempted cute pictures but settled for awkward ones.

because food is never enough for us...we got gelato as well! haha
(if you've never gotten terra mia gelato you should...it melts in your mouth)
next, we ventured over to the high school to support the ol' THS fashion show.
it was just great.
we even got a picture with "harley" from the motorcycle store.
 our last stop would be none other than walmart to grab celebration supplies.
then it was time for celebration :)
self timer confetti pictures in front of the hut.
where we all lived a year ago.

one year cupcake.

and some other random photos.
we sat in the hut reminiscing about "matt memories" and when we lived in the hut.
good times.
i love these women.
love, amyLynn


rachel. said...

haha remember how we do cool things.
but take incredibility awkward pictures.

Tregani Lanham said...

hey now...we make awkward look good:) I love my women

Ashley Eliza said...

first off you look so dang pretty girl!!! love the purple too. happy year he he :) those are always so fun to celebrate!


ashley.warner said...

next time I want to go get gelado with you!
and congrats on the year mark :)
it's all DOWNHILL from here