spring break. day one.

spring break 2011
day one:
steph, melissa, michelle, and i ventured down to st.george on thursday morning
we were very excited to get away from work, school, and crappy weather.
needless to say the st.george/vegas weather did not disappoint.

on the way down.
when we arrived we just laid low and hung out at our stellar hotel.
making sure to take off the DISGUSTING comforters.

later that night we went to dinner at brick oven.

the many ugly faces of the trip.
seriously we have problems.

and also these women are famous :)

followed by hot tubbing.

good eats.
good laughs.
good company.
love, amyLynn

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ashley.warner said...

did I just get mooned on your blog Amy?! ;)
I am jealous of your trip. Glad ya'll had fun