spring break. day two.

day two:
viva las vegas.
we started the day off with some brunch at dennys.
and then hit the pool for a few hours.

we then headed to the great city of las vegas for a night of excitement and fun

if only i could document all the crazy great adventures we had.
cuz let me tell you we had somee.
haha but that would take far too long.
so i will be brief and share photos instead.

bellagio water show

street magic participants

encounters with straaange people

now this requires some explanation.
top left: EXTREMELY drunk man claiming to be spiderman. wanted a harmless photo...
bottom left: the harmless photo turned into "davecat" (we named him) eating or trying to eat my boobies. now i debated putting this photo up because it clearly looks like i'm enjoying it and it was a planned event.
let me just say it was most definitely NOT!!!
it is quite a coincidence that this moment was captured on film.
my beaming smile is actually me trying to awkwardly pull away embarrassed and shocked... all i could do was laugh because i didn't know what else to do.
ohhh man. it was too funny. i was ALOT creeped out. and very shocked.
but it happened. so i feel it deserves to be documented.
let's just say i've never experienced vegas like that. ha! and hope to never again.
to the right: we have "kotton kandy"
needs no words.

bathroom pics at mandalay bay.
(side note: best buffet EVER!! ch-ch-check it ouuutt)

pee wee herman impersonations

ceasar's palace

v.i.p club pure

walking the strip

and what trip wouldn't be complete with an ugly face photo or two.

vegas was a success.
good times were had.
the greatest event that happened was not documented on my camera so i will have to share later. it deserves its own post anyway haha. also this was much longer than intended. woops.


Tregani Lanham said...

ha ha ha even better than what i had pictured when i heard the story :)

amylynn188 said...

riiight?! i told you it was bad. hahaha