angels vs. yankees.

while i was in california with my family, some of us went to an angels/yankees game.
it was fabulous.
first just let me say, i am a big time people watcher.
i find joy in taking pictuers of great people.
here are some of the winners of the day.
meet slicker back jack
and his 4ft girl friend
and behind me to the left we had chewbacca
people are just great.
here are some of the familia vanchiere enjoying the sun blistering heat and of course the epic game.
yankees won.
angels take the field.

my cutest nephews.
number one fan.

daddy and the brothers. minus africa.
aunt and nephew love.

one thumb up and a peace sign for a great game.

love, amyLynn

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Mike, Adi & Drew said...

lol that is hilarious! my brother and his friend did the same thing but with a video camera one summer when we were at the beach! i still feel so bad for those select people who have no idea that we will forever have vacation footage of them catching rays on the beach! i cannot get over chewy behind you! hilarious! looks like fun!!!!