it's a foreign affair.

first things first.
i am officially a dark haired human again..yay!

onto the real excitement....
summerfest, oh summerfest,
how i love you each year.
this year you did not dissapoint.

the journey started with seven people in one car.
two in the front.

five in the back.
and it was a foreign affair on account of these two humans.

meet a.z. and reza.
from persia.
this was their first summerfest experience.

we did the parade.
ate the food.
thought about riding the rides but decided against it due to loooong lines.
and of course watched the fireworks.
it was perfect.
i love summer.
now to the photos.

reza and the ladies.

my women.

fireworks :)
it was a great night with all my favorite people.
love, amyLynn


Jo said...

Your hair is so pretty! I'm so bummed I missed Summerfest, glad there was good weather for it this year!

Tregani Lanham said...

what a fabulous night it was!

rachel. said...

love :)