newest summer obsession. and some possible ramblings.

tropical salt water taffy.
best thing ever.
my sister in law introduced me to these bad boys and i just can't get enough.
we may or may not have eaten sickly amounts on our latest weekend wedding getaway.
these two lovebirds tied the knot.

i just love weddings. don't you feel as if everyone is getting married these days?
back to the taffy...
they are far better than the regular flavored taffy.
 mango, coconut, pineapple, huckleberry, banana, watermelon, guava, macademia nut
(guava is sub par at best and macademia nut is just disgusting)
its like a summer dream in your mouth.
pick some up at your local winco.
seriously, you won't be disappointed.

also, you know how every summer there is like one "summer song"
well i just haven't been able to pinpoint that song for my summer.
what's YOUR summer song?

summer is flying by and i am not ok with it.
i love summer nights being outside and doing nothing
yet having the best time ever.

i just can't get enough.

and the last thing on my mind would be BOYS.
i'm over them.
that's all.
(except ones who currently live in washington and return to utah in 9 months :)
love, amyLynn


Tregani Lanham said...

ya this summer will be great!

Chelsey said...

I would like to add that the huckleberry and watermelon are not actually included in the tropical mix. However, equally delicious and should be added. I'll write a letter to Mr. Sweet.

rachel. said...

haha i still love this. also thoes shoes in the post above, yeah you should find them!

rachel. said...

oh and i love your blog!