exterminators and strippers.

today we celebrated father's day
and i managed to get no pictures of my father.
but i sure do love him :)

as all the adults were congregated inside conversing over what our "stripper names" would be (yeah, we're classy like that) the children were outside creating their own fun.

meet the vanchiere exterminators.
weapons and all.
they were on a mission to kill bees and bugs of all sorts.

 it was serious business...
                                         colt even joined in the hunt.
i'm pretty sure i have the cutest and funniest nieces and nephews ever.

and just for the entertainment value of this post, i will share with you the top "stripper names" of the day.

Mom - "Tiffy McMillan"
Dad - "Peanut Perimeter"
Chelsey - "Scruffy"
Amber - "Sunny Noelle"
Myself - "Marshall Lynn"
Jeff - "Marshall Todd"
Mike - "Marshall Michael"
and the best...
"Smokey Virgil"
hahaha a former love of mine. obviously not in attendance,  but too great not to be laughed about.
seriously, my family is the greatest.
love, amyLynn


ashley.warner said...

oh my! gotta love the stripper names ;) haha
you crack me up.
we still need to get together and do something FUN!

Kristi Haslam said...

Smokey Virgil is my favorite! hahaha I can't stop laughing at that as I'm sure you know why hahaha!

Jo said...

Those are seriously some of the cutest kids I've ever seen.