who knew...

neville longbottom turned attractive?! whaaaaaat
its true.

oh how i loved harry potter. i would see it eight more times.
kinda weird that it's all over now.
i just love her
i may transfer to Brown and become her friend.
thank you harry potter and friends for countless hours in fantasy world.
i enjoyed it thoroughly.
love, amyLynn


Mike, Adi & Drew said...

We saw it last night and LOVED it! Neville is pretty dang hot in those pictures, I'm not gonna lie :) the kid that played Draco, though, bless his heart...he was a cuter kid turned awkward!

ashley.warner said...

holla! :)
love love love this

Samantha said...

omg!! i know can you believe neville! pumpkin juice did him good :) and harry potter was amazing. i'm sad it's over.

rachel. said...

haha your great.