four years.

july 13, 2007
this guy became a part of my life.
you see i had been mourning the departure of my first missionary for about 4 months.
seriously. stayed home, locked in my room, watching greys, being a loser.
my mom worried, and began making my little brother invite me to hang out. which i usually declined.
"he's still in high school, i teach at that high school...that's weird, his friends are like high school buddies"
was my usual reply.
however july 13th i was invited to lagoon, and i just couldn't pass that up.
it was a 2 for 1 deal and it ended up being mostly couples that went.
but it left two random humans...me and matthew.
before this trip i hardly knew the fellow. seen him once or twice around the house, but never spoken to him.
lagoon forever changed that.
we became ride buddies.
first picture we ever took together. after spending a 45 minute car ride playing "getting to know you"
don't we just look like old pals? haha and slightly greasy.
truth be told i think this picture is awful, but i kind of love it as well because it marks the start of something great.

cheers to four years. and many more to come.
*cross our fingers*
love, amyLynn

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