my brothers are cooler than yours.

it was brought to my attention that my brothers aren't featured enough on this bloggy blog of mine.
i do love them dearly so i'll give you a little introduction.
charles michael vanchiere jr.
the eldest of the vanchiere boys.
but to us he is mike.
most likely you've seen him at the gym. haha for real though.

jeffrey todd vanchiere
the middle boy. just older than me.
he is the inappropriate joke maker of the family. haha he's a funny human.

bryce david vanchiere
the baby.
currently serving in ghana, africa. returns in 83 days.

this week my brothers dominated a softball tournament in the provo league. my camera was nearly dead and then it down poured rain, so i only got a few pictures.
but BS2 pulled through and won the championship game :) sweet victory!
jeff at bat.

 mike. hit the farthest homerun ever. seriously.
familia. brothers and the cousin. walk away with victory.
congrats brohas.
it's official. you are featured.
much love.

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Jeff & Chels said...

Now that's some good lookin men! I would like everyone to take another look at their softball "action" pics. Impeccable form!