cause for celebration.

as mentioned below
(yes i posted twice in one day)
matt has nine more months left on the mission.
because my friends are the greatest, they help me celebrate the countdown on the 9th of every month.
no one quite understands our weirdness, but this is what we came up with for the celebration...

pregnant bellies and dirt cups. because pregnant women crave dirt. duhh
love, amyLynn


Jeff & Chels said...

I don't crave dirt. Just salt water taffy. This post would have a little more credibility if I was in it. I'm just sayin

Jeff & Chels said...

Also, cheers to nine more months. (I am raising my Mountain Dew slushy)

Jeff & Chels said...

I feel like I should mention that I do take a prenatal vitamin and eat pretty healthy for the most part. Although I do enjoy the occasional taffy and dew slushy.

Taffy Update: Walmart has new flavors of taffy, including cotton candy, bubble gum, rootbeer float (that's just my best guess) and cherry coke.

Tregani Lanham said...

ha ha ha i love us

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

I don't crave dirt either but I am pretty sure MawMaw Myrna craved sand or something like that so you aren't far off! if I didn't know better, I'd think some of yall were actually pregnant ;) and would look way better than I do right now!

rachel. said...

this is the greatist.
we are so ugly.
but we embrace it so its okay?
haha kidding i think we will be very cute prego ladies.
and best part, matts coming home so soon!!

ashley.warner said...

oh my gosh! you guys are nuts! but i love it!
ahhhhh! this is so silly.
congrats on the 9 month downhill grade.
perfect, when your man gets home, he'll have a baby waitin for him...(errr...how does that work?!)