kiss and tell.

it's nearly 9pm on a saturday night and the only thing productive i have done is vacuum my car out at the free sonic carwash vacuum deal.
i slept until 11.
took an online test for school.
got back in bed and read.
fell asleep until 3.
read some more.
finally put normal clothes on at 4.
went to target and purchased some goods.
vacuumed said car.
came home and read some more
and now i'm going to blog.

days like this i have a love/hate relationship with.
i love doing nothing.
i hate knowing that the things i need to do are still there.

i've been spending alot of time with the nephew seeing as how my parents have been out of town. just me and him at the old house.

he refuses to take a normal photo. but i love him for that.
seriously though.
tanner used to be this chubby little rat who was annoying and obsessed with doing the "soldja boy" dance.
he's changed so much.

now he is taller than me. still slightly annoying. but funny as crap.
he's more like a little brother than a nephew.
and with bryce on the mission we've gotten pretty close.

so close in fact, that he called me right after his first kiss :)
now he would die if he knew i was posting this.
so any family member who reads....shhhhh!
picture this:
9th grade.
at a stake dance with friends.
the girl you are "going out with" shows up.
you dance. good times.
it gets hot inside so the two of you decide to go on a walk around the church.
stop to talk and hug.
and then the magical kiss you've been waiting 14 years for happens.
that was pretty much his story.
very precious.

it made me reflect on my "first kisses"
kisses cuz every time you kiss someone new it's a first kiss :)
some good. some bad. some weird. some disgusting.
i'll share a few...

my first kiss ever
i was eleven. but in seventh grade.
sitting on the tramp with my boyfriend. and two of our friends.
they kissed. so we felt we should too.
except i was prepared for a quick peck and my bf.. he was going full force with tongue. i pulled away as he basically licked my face. then wiped off my mouth.
our friends said "i don't think amy liked that very much" and my bf was embarrassed. haha

my best first kiss.
happened the summer before senior year.
i was sitting on the couch cuddling up to my crush.
we were watching "she's all that"
at one point he kissed me on the forehead.
i turned and looked up at him and then he kissed me on the lips.
one soft, precious, perfect kiss.
at that moment i felt like the most special person ever.
and that night we became boyfriend and girlfriend.

my worst first kiss.
summer of 2010
i went on a hangout/date thing with someone i barely knew.
the whole night he kept trying to cuddle and hug me but i was not having it.
i finally made up a story about having to leave early and asked if he would take me home.
i quickly said my thanks and goodbyes hoping and praying he wouldn't walk me to the door. but as i got out he started getting out too.
i told him he didn't need to walk me to the door but he asked "can i get a hug?" 
( i HATE when people ask for hugs. kisses. etc.)
so i hurry and hugged him and as i pull away from the hug he just grabbed my face and basically tried to suck it off.
thinking about it makes me want to throw up.
i pulled away. said bye. and pretty much ran inside.

my most surprising kiss.
new years 2009/2010
at a dance party with a bunch of girl friends and some guys.
one said guy had asked me on a date the week before. we went. had a good time. but i think it was more of a friend thing for both of us.
i had NO intentions of kissing him on new years.
he said he had no intentions of kissing me either.
five. four. three. two. one... happy new years!!
people around us are kissing. cheering. yelling.
next thing i know... we are not just kissing but making out.
weirdest thing ever.
still not sure how it happened or who kissed who. haha hmmm..

my foreign first kiss.
summer of 2011.
hanging out with my little persian boy.
laughing so hard cuz the language barrier just makes everything funny.
i had a bracelet that said "feed" on it. it was like a give a donation..get a bracelet sort of thing.
he wanted to know what "feed" means.
so i'm trying to explain it to him.
doesn't quite get it.
whips out his translator on his phone.. types in "feed"
thinks about it for a minute.
then turns my cheek and lays one on me.
pulls away and says "I feed you!!"
not quite my foreign friend.
but i wasn't mad at it.

and the last one i will share will be
my first kiss with the boy i love.
summer of 2007.
we had a late night adventure.
he had tried to kiss me before but i rejected him and told him no way.
(the whole missionary thing. wasn't ready to kiss)
we're sitting on the love sac talking, laughing, singing. having a good time.
he gives me "the look"
and i just smile.
he goes in for the kill.. half expecting to get rejected.
but i let it happen.
we kiss for about thirty seconds and then he busts up laughing.
me confused and a little annoyed say
"really. i let you kiss me and then you just laugh in my face?!"
and he replies,
"i'm just so happy! i can't believe i'm kissing AMY VANCHIERE!!"
hahaha i tried to be mad but it was pretty funny.
he's the cutest.

first kisses are a funny thing.
and now you know some of mine :)

love, amyLynn

p.s. a peach shake to the first person who can correctly guess the boys of these shared first kisses.


Ashley Eliza said...

ummm absolutely love this post. i srsly was so close to texting you tonight to see if you wanted to get a peach shake and go to a movie... maybe next week!?


Jenn said...

first of all, enjoy having the choice of basically doing nothing all day while it lasts because it doesn't.

Second, what are you reading

Third, tanner is going to kill you

Fourth, 7th grade??!?