one year older..and wiser too.

on september the first, i turned the ripe old age of 24.
my dear friend treg reminded me that according to today's standards and way of life... 26 is now considered middle aged. 
i've got two years... gross.
with that being said, my 24th birthday festivities were top notch.
my friends and family truly out did themselves to make me feel loved and special.
it started the night before my actual day of birth...
with a girl's movie night.
so funny. i loved it. and ryan gosling is oh so mighty fine :)

birthday loves. my face looks chubby but it's ok cuz it's my birthday.
after the movie we ran through sprinklers in the cemetery.. but got no documentation.
on september first, two thousand and eleven, i woke up to a car looking like this.

my friends are the cutest. each sticky note had a memory or something great written on it.
then my women took me to breakfast at magelby's fresh.. yum yum.

the rest of the day consisted of work. school. and more work.
cuz afterall. the world doesn't stop on my birthday.. haha
after work all my best pals got together to give me presents and get some fro-yo. it was good good times.

we tried to make the men take a picture like us, but this is the best we could get.
the birthday festivities continued on throughout the whole weekend.
hot tubbing.
and an extra long weekend :)
my family celebrated my birthday on sunday.
it was weird not having the whole family there but still great nonetheless.

thank you to all of my friends and family for making my 24th celebration of life a great one :)
if there is one thing i've learned, it's that life only gets tougher.
here's to a great 24...


Tregani Lanham said...

so glad you exited the womb 24 years ago...my life just wouldn't be the same without you! You are amazing!

Jenn said...

did you put extensions in already?