thankful journal-day twenty six through thirty.

november 26th.
today i am thankful for letters in the mail.

there is something about handwritten letters that i just love.
and i love them even more when they are from matthew :)
i am thankful for love letters.

november 27th.
today i am thankful for christmas lights.

they make my heart happy.
i think everyone should be required to put up christmas lights.haha
they are just pretty and bring the holiday spirit.
i am thankful for the christmas spirit.

november 28th.
today i am thankful for sunsets.

we have had the most beautiful sunsets lately.
unfortunately i haven't captured any on camera.
but i am thankful nontheless.

november 29th.
today i am thankful for hard work paying off.
i have been swamped with homework, projects, and school.
today i received some scores of tests and projects back and i was thrilled.
hard work pays off.
i am thankful for good grades.

november 30th.
today i am thankful for a good nights rest.

between work and getting ready for finals, i feel like i'll be missing out on some of those.
gotta enjoy them while i can.
i am thankful for sleep.

there are oh so many things i am thankful for, and these are just a few.
i am thankful for my life!


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Anonymous said...

I really like you and Matthew, so I hope all works out :)

I love your thankful journal. It makes me happy! Love ya! Xo.