women of the blog world...

i took midol today for the first and last time ever.
and it sucked.
it did nothing for me.

i never used to get cramps, so its new to me.
now i get them always and its not my favorite.

what do you use? what works for you?
share. share. comment. please!
for the sake of me and my uterus.

love. and thank you:)



Samantha said...

i usually take IB profen but for it to do anything i have to take 600-800 mg. cramps are the worst!!

jenny said...

ok i took midol once and hated it! it made me sooo shaky. i get super bad cramps, and i always take four ibuprofen every four hours and buy icy hot patches, they have a sticky side that you can put in your undies. finding those icy hot patches really saved my life! hope they help :)

Mindee & Austin said...

Im sorry to hear about your sucky cramps : ( Im like you and never ever get them..Ive gotten them twice! But once i took midol and once I took Ib profen and the both worked fine. I would try going with the Ib profen over midol though...Im mainly writting to sympathize with you and I hope those stupid uterus cramps leave you soon! Good luck girl!