it's the most wonderful time of the year.

christmas seemed to come and go so fast this year.
but i loved every second of it. 
my whole family was here which made for chaos and craziness,
but also lots of laugh, love, and fun.

 talent show

opening presents.
my family has a tradition of opening all of our wrapped gifts on christmas eve. 

lots of niece and nephew lovin.

and last but not least...
gifts from the missionary boy (:

christmas 2011 was pretty great. i loved that it was on a sunday, because we were truly able to remember the reason for the season.  i have felt so blessed this holiday season to be surrounded by family and friends.  i hope everyone had a merry christmas.

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Samantha said...

i think i got those same headphones for christmas! are they the ones you can use to listen to music? if so, then we'll be rockin the same headphones!