zupas and gifts.

due to lack of funds, this year the friends and i decided to draw names for christmas, rather than gift to everyone.
it ended up being really fun, i think everyone did a good job getting something thoughful for their person.
we all met at zupas for some delicious sandwiches and soup.

 after we ate we let the gifting begin.

1. steph's gift to caitlin: formers (forearm warmers. ha) shirt, and bracelet.
2. cait's gift to steph: homemade "s" canvas and ring.
3. kristi's gift to treg: barnes and noble gift card. best.
4. my gift to kristi: homemade canvas and patterned tights.
5. rachel's gift to me: ctr ring and elephant necklace.
6. treg's gift to rachel: oversized sweater with elbow patches.

good times were definitely had, but then again, when are they not when i'm with my women.


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