books of 2012 - #1

i have this goal of reading 1,000 books.
i started in 2010 and each year i keep track of the books i read.
this year i have decided to keep track on my bliggity blog.
book number one of 2012...
i am very excited to read it.
i hear good things and it has been on my "list of books to read" forever.
anyone read it? what did you think?
happy reading people.


Samantha said...

read it. loved it! you'll have to let me know what you think.

haleybrianna said...

I have a reading list on my blog also! I have a certain number of books to read before I turn 21. Haha!


I love your blog!!

Chelsey said...

i feel like an idiot cause i thought you meant you were going to read 1000 books this year. and i thought wow that seems lofty.