confession session.

although i am BEYOND thrilled about matthew coming home so soon, 
i do have one
confession to make...
i'm going to miss getting letters in the mail every week.
do you see the pure joy in my face?!

for 1, 460 days i have looked forward to letters in the mail
(remember the whole waiting for two missionaries thing...yeah, that's A LOT of days)
but without my letters the only mail i get is "you've been pre-approved" crap.
perhaps i need to start rounding up some pen pals. haha.
any takers?



Erica said...

Amy! I'm so happy for you:) I know what you mean though, getting letters are honestly the BEST thing ever! Good thing I have a year left haha

Erica said...
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Anonymous said...

Yay Ame! I am happy for you as well. he gets home so soon! You guys are cute, and I am guessing there will be a wedding in the near future :) hehe. love ya!

Abby and Mike said...

That's adorable! I remember feeling that exact same way while my man was on the mission! But just remember that you can wrap your arms around him and say those things to his face when he's home!