sunday confessions.

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1. lately i have been seeing a whole fleet.. yes a fleet of nutella lovers in the blog world.
my confession... i have only ever had nutella ONCE!

2. my heart hurts today. it doesn't look like my sweet old grandpa is going to make it through the night. he has been in the hospital recovering from surgery on his leg, and he choked on some food today but no one was in there.  he was without air for so long his heart stopped.  they were able to revive him, put him on a ventilater, and life support. but his living will says he wants none of that. so in an hour or so they will be taking him off.

3. yesterday i had two very unfortunate run-ins with dear mother nature.
the first happened as i was on my way out the door to take a test.  it was raining so hard and i was walking through my front yard, which is a big hill mind you.. next thing i know mother nature provided the "slip n' slide" route to get to my car.  i kid you not i fell at the top of the hill and slid all the way down to the sidewalk. i'm sure it was quite the sight for anyone who saw. i just sat there laughing my head off wishing someone would have been there to witness the greatness of it.

that's pretty much what i looked like. haha

the second event happened much later when the rain turned into snow.  i was in my car at a red light trying to quickly take my car out of 4WD.  i shifted my purse and it just so happened to put enough pressure on the switch deal to roll my window down.  next thing i know it's as if someone just chucked 5 snowballs at me.  a pile of snow lands on my lap. haha i was so confused.
mother nature 2, amy 0

4. whenever i attend a sporting event, no matter how good the team has been doing, they always lose. apparently i am bad luck.
byu basketball game on thursday night.

5. i still rock the shorts in winter. you bet.

6. i have this on going joke with my dear friend tregani that i secretly film her at any given moment. it's quite hilarious, at least i think so. here is one such filming that happened this weekend.

happy sunday.



Sarah said...

Oh Nutella! How I love it!

Alyx said...

WHAT!?!??!?! ONLY ONCE? Blasphemy.
And I am so, so sorry about your grandpa. I know how hard it is to lose a grandparent. You and your family will be in my prayers!
Hahaha, sounds like Mother nature is out to get you!!
Never come to a Nebraska football game, unless you're rooting for the other team.

Samantha said...

nutella only once?!?!?!?! whaaaaaat?! it's amazing! how did you not get addicted?

I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa :(

momto8 said...

nutella mixes well with brines too.
Sorry about you grandfather..
i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Tregani Lanham said...

you dirty little scoundrel...also I'll admit your shorts may look pink in this picture but they aren't in real life.

ashley.warner said...

you look hot gurl!
git git git get it gurl

memory said...

i wear the shorts year round myself. (maybe that's because i live in the south, but hey, it's still cool)