all you need is love.

on saturday morning i was experiencing a serious lack of motivation to do homework.
who even does homework on the weekend?
ok, maybe lots of people but no one really wants to.
i was thinking that my life has become so repetitive... school, work, homework, sleep...that i never even have time to do spontaneous, random things anymore.

hours and hours later after that thought had long gone, i found myself at treg's house.  it was nearing the end of the night.. we had gone to dinner and a movie...and out of nowhere treg said, "we should go sidewalk chalk people."

it didn't matter that it was midnight, beyond freezing, beginning to snow, & both of us are in our twenties.
this was happening.
we decided to show a little love to those we loved.

after all, love is all you need.


Kristi Haslam said...

Thanks for showing us some love:) I miss late night adventures with KRAT. I feel we should have one soon.

Valerie Griffin said...

fun :)

Tregani Lanham said...

Thanks for being the kind of friend who agrees to do crazy things with me. I love you wom

Alyx said...

Sigh. You guys are awesome. I wish I was as cook as you!! hahaha
Looks like fun! But I'm offended you didn't sidewalk chalk me. I mean, come on.... sidewalk chalking someone in Germany would be like, the most awesome/spontaneous thing ever, right?!?

eef said...

haha, that's so fun! man, i want some sidewalk chalk now!

Kelly said...

This is such a fun idea! Definitely will have to keep it in mind :)

Torie said...

Cute, so fun! Chalk bombing = the best. And I highly approve of your spreading love tactics! :)

MzJessicaxo said...

Love your blog!
Maybe you'd like to follow each other?

xxx Jessica