confessions on sunday.

the week has flown by and that is alright by me.
time to confess...

1. i am scared for my life.... seriously. (ok not really) but apparently i have an enemy because someone felt it was necessary to key my car. hope it made them feel better....douche bag!

2. one thing you will never, ever hear my say is "pour me a glass of milk."  i HATE milk as a beverage.
even as a child i didn't like it, then i had a run in with rotten milk (which really was a sacrifice because i pretty much saved a whole preschool class..but that's another story) and now i just can't stand it.
however, i LOVE cereal.  like i could probably eat it for every meal.

also, cinnamon life is where it's at!

3. sometimes i wear the same shirt two days in a row.
for example, last weekend.

4. i talk out loud in my car when i'm alone, so much so that yesterday i became embarrassed when i realized what i had said. ok, not so much what i said...but how i said it.

excuse my crazy demon voice, but what i said was, "46 mother effing days!!" at that moment i was overcome with joy and excitement at the fact that matthew will be home in only 46 (now 45) days.  also, i know saying mother effing is so very unattractive and unlady like, but sometimes when you are so excited...it's the only thing that can express it for you.


5. i have gotten into a bad habit of not wearing my seat belt.  no good. as you can hear in the clip above, my car beeps at me until i click it on.  i have gotten really good at ignoring it.
this needs to change.

over and out.
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Alyx said...

Car-keyer is a douchebag.

Ooooh man. I miss cereal. I haven't had cereal since we were in the US (where I, too, would eat it for every meal if I could). The cereal here tastes like freakin' cardboard. Gross. They are really good at granola, though.

I do the shirt thing all the time. Did I see anyone important? Nope? Okay, great... I'll wear the same thing tomorrow.

Oh, and don't die... buckle up, girly!

Thanks for linking up!

Julie said...

How terrible that someone keyed (spelling?) your car! I would be so mad, do people really have nothing better to do?? : (

And you took my thoughts on cereal right out of my mouth! I could eat it for EVERY meal, LIFE is the best, and I'm not a big milk drinker either. Only ever drink it with cookies, doughnuts, or cereal!

Michelle P said...

That really stinks about your car!

And I know exactly what you mean. Milk grosses me out, but I loooove cereal.

Anonymous said...

no shame in wearing a shirt 2 days in a row...totally wore the same OUTFIT yesterday AND today...with hopes that we wouldn't run into the couple today that we went out with last night. :) only the awesome wear the same clothes 2 days in a row

Valerie Griffin said...

My favorite milk=unsweetened almond milk. Have you tried it?

Samantha said...

sorry about your car! seriously! who does that?! and i talk to myself in the car too. I always make sure there are no cars around me so i don't look weird, ha.

Nikkiana said...

I wear my shirts two days in a row all the time... and I'll wear the same pants for more...

Kelly said...

I am totally guilty of wearing the same shirt twice in a row since I know I won't be seeing the same people {my mom thinks the same thing. except one time she went to the same restaurant two days in a row and the owner totally called her out! haha}

And cereal is what makes milk okay to consume...otherwise it's not my favorite either. For some reason the video won't work on my computer...but considering you said "douche bag" and "mother effing" I think you're my new favorite :)

Nikskie said...

i do the shirt thing too all the time. gahahaha. i don't mind