because i love you all so dearly. aand my current favorite picture.

hey there, hi there, ho there!
hope you all had a sweeeeet valentines. i know it did!!
(pretty sure i consumed a week's worth of sugar in one day...i'm sure it's fine)
remember this necklace that i bought the other week??

well i love it so much, i want one of YOU to have it too :)
and i may just be giving away something else as well.
hop on over to EVERYDAY IS A NEW ADVENTURE to check it out.

i'm linking up with eryka and ashley today.
today's subject
to be honest, i don't have a favorite picture. i love pictures so much it seemed too hard to deem one as my favorite. however, yesterday i stumbled upon this picture and it made me smile.
it is my love doing what he loves.
back country skiing.
he wanted so badly to go skiing one last time before the mission, so him and his brother (who if you look in the far distance you can see) decided to hike up and mountain and go skiing in April.
this was April 5, 2010.
this just makes me happy.
do you have a favorite picture??

love, love.


Ashley Eliza said...

soooo cute!
ps when does he get back!?


Alex Butts said...

LOVE the necklace and hope I can win, but I never win giveaways so I'll just admire from here. Excited for a new blog to follow!