the good, the bad, the ugly

i was talking to some people at work the other day about pinterest.
one lady said something to this extent
"i spend hours on pinterest, yet i never try any of the crafts, recipes, hair styles etc. etc."
and it got me thinking of all the things i have tried.
some successes, some failures
so i thought i'd share.

the good.
1. cutting your apple, and then securing it with a rubberband so it doesn't go brown.
i do this quite often when i pack my lunch for school.

2. i made these red velvet oreos last night for mi familia, and they were quite delicious.

3. i got this idea off pinterest, but changed it a little.
so fun and cute for a bachelorette party, i will probably use it again.

my version

4. i got this idea of pinterest and re created it.

the bad.
1. have you every tried french braiding your hair upside down? it is not easy.

2. i love snickerdoodles and i love pumpkin, so i thought this recipe would be divine.
oh i was so wrong.
they were disgusting. so dense and tasted like poop.


3. no heat curls.
i woke up with an afro. literally.

my sad attempt.

have you had any good/bad/ugly outcomes from pinterest?
let's hear about them.



andy brienne said...

I love this post a lot. And Pinterest. And Pinterest failures.

Valerie Griffin said...

haha love the last pic!

Jessica Renee said...

Girrrl I totally had a hair fail but not from pinterest, from a video tutorial.. I posted about it a while back and we could almost be fro twins. ha!

Shane said...

Those red velvet cookies look delicious! And so do the pumpkin ones, too bad they turned out not so great :( Props to you for actually carrying out some pinterest projects, I need to get craftier! ;)

xo Shane

Kristi Haslam said...

I attempted to make the "rainbow cake in a jar" I'm sure you've seen it on Pinterest. It was a total failure because after I baked the cake, the colors got really dull and turned a little brown. It was not at all like the picture on pinterest.

Mindee and Austin said...

haha Amy I just love you! That last pic made me giggle, cause your so cute, even with an afro! I've done some things off pintrest that were good, mostly hairbows..but I mainly like pinning things and hoping Ill do them someday : )

Anonymous said...

I've never thought of the rubber band around the apple trick!! I'm totally doing that next time. I hate eating brown apples for lunch! GOODBYE to that!

PJ - Our life said...

I attempted the sock bun curls and no good - nothing. But the roll your hair in socks and tie them worked! Your blog is great!!