a happy list.

today i am linking up with ashley from absolutely ashley & eryka from abcde.
today's topic,
things that make [you] happy.

my HAPPY list
{things that have made me happy this wednesday morning}

1. looking at my clock realizing i still have an hour of sleep time left.
2. waking up to a cute text from an amigo.
3. eating oatmeal cookies for breakfast.
4. putting together a new outfit from pieces i have had forever.
5. hearing two of my favorite songs back to back on the radio.
6. knowing i get to watch OTH tonight.
7. crossing things of my to-do list.
8. blogging while at work



eryka {from abcde} said...

Hey Amy! Lovin' your link up happy list!!!


eryka {from abcde} said...

Oh and yay for OTH tonight!!!!!

memory said...

oh my, i just love it when i rediscover old clothes in the closet and bam...there's a completely new outfit that cost you absoultely nothing.

loving your blog. let's follow each other!


Kelly said...

Hearing your favorite songs on the radio is always the greatest! And I'm wishing my to-do list was shorter...I guess that means I better get workin' on it!

Cute post! :)

Ashley Eliza said...

ummm oTH yes please! i need to catch up. cookies for breakfast and to do lists.. ya we def need to hang out more amy!