a day late, a dollar short.

ok, so i'm not exactly a dollar short, but i am a day late.
i was a part of the
put on by these three lovely ladies...

the deal was we were paired up with a fellow blogger and had a month to get to know them, and then send them a prize in the mail.
everyone involved was then to post their packages on their blogs yesterday for the world to see.

due to miscommunications between my mother, the mailman (woman), and the post office, we did not get our mail for a few days.
may i present to you, a day late mind you,
my newest blogger friend...

i was paired up with Lindsay at The Happy Goose.
people, go check her out.
she is one of the sweetest, nicest, most driven people i have met.
it was so fun to get to know her this past month and find out more about her.
thank you so much for the package linds.. you are great (:



Makaila said...

ohmygosh, I love the gifts, but I love the packaging too!! Lol, how cool! Did she draw those on?

we had mail issues too and are just now linking up.. come see what my partier partner sent me! :D


The Happy Goose said...

Aww I'm so glad you finally got it!
Hope you loved everything sweet girl!!
And thank you again for all my wonderful gifts
I love them all! You are wonderful!!
Hope your having a good week!