pinterest used to be in my daily round of internet stuff i check.
then i got busy and had to eliminate things
(which is probably not a bad thing)
i found myself with spare time today and so i hopped over to pinterest and here our some random things i rather enjoyed...

i want these SO BAD. as luck would have it, they are out of stock.. but that's probably not a bad thing for my wallet.

cutest little elephant ring. 

ain't that the truth.

love the color combo.

makes me happy that throwing your hair on top of your head is socially acceptable. cuz some days are just like that.

haha this made me giggle.

i might need these for summer.

guess what.
i'm going on a date tomorrow night.

that's is all.


Samantha said...

love that ring. and ah! a date!

haleybrianna said...

a date?! have fun!

Alyx said...

AAHHH!!!! A date?!?! I hope it was wonderful!
And... I love those shoes. and that ring. And the fact that buns are cute, because I hate spending time on my hair.
And.. the Urkel (Erkel? Urkle? whatever.) picture is awesome.

Kelly said...

love the elephant ring! I hope you had fun on your date! :)

Shane said...

Love love love those shoes and shorts! Found you from Alyx's blog :)

xo Shane

Julie said...

Love your pinterest finds! I totally rock the messy hair on top!! (The socially unacceptable kind lol). Love your blog!

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