sunday confessions.

ahh, it's that time again.
this weeks confessions by amy lynn vanchiere

1. the correct pronunciation of my last name is van-cherry.
plain and simple.
people always come up with crazy french pronunciations, but it's actually italian.
a picture for those of you who are visual learners. haha

2. i purchased this necklace recently and i'm quite obsessed.
it has led to my father calling me squanto or making native american remarks, but i still love it.
which leads me to my next point...

3. i prefer shopping alone.  sure i like the opinion of a friend, mother, sister etc. but i like the freedom of spending as little or as much time as i desire in each store and not being pressured into buying things i don't need.
anyone else feel this way?

4. my nephew and i have quite a funny relationship. 

we give each other so much crap and tease each other constantly but it's all in the name of love.
for the last few months i have been getting so annoyed at him because he leaves every cupboard in the kitchen open every time he looks for something to eat.  every time i say something to him he makes some dumb teenage remark.
however, i have noticed he has gotten better at closing the cupboards.
so yesterday, i was looking for a treat and i happened to leave the cupboard opened and he caught me.
needless to say, the beginning of every sentence he speaks to me within the last 24 hours has started with, "remember how you left the cupboard open, or is it really that hard to close one cupboard"
i just love that boy.

5. i slipped on my date. full on, fell to the floor in the middle of the mall.
hahahahaha it was awesome.
i handled it with grace and class as any fine young woman would.
good thing i don't get embarrassed easily.

6. i noticed something about myself this passed week.
whenever someone compliments something that i am wearing i always respond with
 "thanks, i got it ______ for only _____ dollars."  
nine out of ten times they don't ask for that information, i just provide it voluntarily.  even if it is a stranger.
haha why? who knows. i'm just special like that.

link up with alyx yo.



Alana Christine said...

People mispronounce my name all the time, so I feel ya on that one!
I love that your dad makes Indian jokes because of your necklace. lol. But I'm with you, the necklace is super cute!
I can't believe you fell on your date!! I embarrass easily, so I would have ben humiliated. lol.

Samantha said...

i like shopping alone too. so much better! and I think i have those headphones you have in the pic of you and your nephew.

haleybrianna said...

I respond the same way when people compliment me! You aren't the only one! :)

And I have plenty of embarrassing moments on dates. I am the least graceful person this planet has ever known. Haha!

I love your confessions!

Nikskie said...

i would mispronounce your name as well, but now i know the right pronounciation. sounds like you and your nephew have lots of fun together,haha

Alyx said...

Ahhahaa, I love reading your confessions!
Bahahaha, I love the thing with you and your nephew. Never would have guessed that he's your nephew from the pic, though! I always think of nephews as way way younger. I know that's not how it always is. I just think of it that way, weird I know.
thanks for linking up!!