sunday confessions.

1. i may have already purchased a wedding band for matthew, who is not even home yet.
in my defense, it was a REALLY, REALLY good deal.
i couldn't pass it up.
(eager beaver maybs?)

2. i speak spanish fluently. but you would probably never know, because i never do.

3. sometimes in my line of work, i am a chauffeur for famous dance world people.
my latest
mr. travis wall

needless to say, it was quite the awkward situation. the only thing i could think to say was "so, you're boyfriend is pretty attractive." and i just didn't think that conversation would go very far.

4. i fulfilled a life long dream last night.  i have always wanted to go to a movie by myself, but never done it.  well folks, last night was the night.  i found myself in idaho, with two hours to kill.
i drew the line at taking a picture of myself, by myself. but here is my proof.
as for the movie, it was pretty good.  i laughed, and it followed the book really well.
ever been to a movie by yourself?

5. i went to prom when i was 20 years old. haha true story. SUUUUPER senior. oh the things we do for love.  you see, matthew is two years younger than me and was still a senior in high school when we started dating. he wanted to go and well, i'm just a nice human. truth be told, it was probably one of the funnest dances i went to in high school because i didn't care about all the other people.

over and out.

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Valerie Griffin said...

the other day i was thinking that i should go to a movie alone sometime! seems like it would be liberating! haha

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

I saw that movie Mel Gibson directed about Christ. Is that weird? I enjoyed being alone for that one.

Lesley @ my lively mind said...

i am too afraid to go to the movies alone! but really, who cares?!

also, i purchased an extra wedding band for myself because it was too good of a deal. i can relate (:

Samantha said...

you speak spanish? haha, that's cool! and i've always wanted to go to a movie by myself but i've never done it. i should tho

eryka {from abcde} said...

Ugh, so jealous.....I am in love with Travis!!! :)

Alex Butts said...

Prom at 20! MAJOR WIN $$$

Alyx said...

Dude! I definitely went to prom at 20, too. Only I wasn't dating the dude - I just went for a friend.

Ashley Eliza said...

amy! i love you. your prom=awesomeness. your dress=more awesomeness.

movies by myself? i sure have. toy story 3. i cried. haha.

last thing, you are hilarious! loves!!!