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what i liked:
* I thought it followed the story line so well.  I haven't read the first book in probably over a year, but even so I thought they did a really good job not altering the story line, and keeping the parts that mattered most.  I felt like someone who hadn't read the book could get a pretty good understanding of the story.

*katniss.  oh that woman.  i thought her character was played so well.  she was exactly how i pictured her in the book.

*the camera work.  many people did not like how jerky, fuzzy, and all over the place the camera was at times.  I however think that it added to the experience.  I don't get motion sickness easy so i was not bothered.  I thought it was awesome.

*the suspense.  even though i knew what was coming, it still had me clutching my seat.  when the dogs were thrown into the mix i literally jumped a mile (mostly because the woman in front me, her reaction was so intense it scared me even more haha)

*katniss as "the girl on fire."  i was so excited to see how they were going to portray this in the film and i was not disappointed at all.  

*effie played a flawless character.  she did such a good job and looked exactly how i pictured.  her personality and style matched exactly what the book portrayed.  elizabeth banks nailed it.

*i loved the relationship cinna and katniss had, especially the part right before she enters the tube for the hunger games.  you could tell that cinna truly believed in katniss and wanted the best for her. go lenny kravitz.
what i didn't like:

*i didn't like how it portrayed katniss' relationship with gale, or lack thereof.  I felt like for people who haven't read the book they don't get a chance to understand the depth and closeness that katniss and gale share.  I felt like they could have spent a bit more time with that, because in the books I love gale. In the movie he was just... ehh.

*i also felt like they could have developed rue and cato's characters a little bit more in the movie, especially rue because i just love her.

*at first i was a bit annoyed about how they changed how katniss came to own the mocking jay pin.  in the book it is given to her by the mayor's daughter, but in the movie it is given to her in town by an old lady.  The more i thought about it, i realized that that specific detail isn't important or detrimental to the outcome of the story.  it would have been time wasted on an insignificant character.

*haymitch did quite meet my expectations.  for some reason, i pictured him to be a bit older and a little more haggard than he was in the movie.  i do think that woody harrelson captured his personality well.

*i wished they would have spent more time in the cave with katniss and peeta.  in the book, that is one of my favorite parts.

all in all, i think the movie was pretty freaking great.  i went into it not expecting anything because i didn't want to be disappointed, and disappointed i was not.  I think they did a good job with the time that was allowed.  Obviously the book is always going to be better because of the attention to details and the ability to expand more, but i think this is one of the better book turned movie.

what did you think?
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Alyx said...

Even though I don't agree iwth you on EVERY point, I totally agree with almost all of this. I wish that they could have made it longer and fit all of the details in, but for 2.5 hours, they did a pretty darn good job! I just loved it!
Thanks for linking up - I loved reading this and seeing what you thought of the movie!!

kimberly rae said...

i agree with you! although i think woody was perfect as haymitch (although i did picture him older when i read the books!) ...also, you're right .. katniss and peeta were not developed enough!

also i love the "may the odds be ever in your favor" print and i want to order it so bad!!

his little Lady said...

oh gosh, so completely in love with this movie. i must have been the only person to not have noticed how jerky the camera was.
and seriously, jennifer lawrence was flawless!!
xo TJ