sunday confessions.

between wedding festivities, student teaching, family, work etc.
this week has been INSANE.
for once, i'm ready for the weekend to be over and monday to start.
this weeks confessions..

1. i got teary eyed twice during hunger games. 
when katniss and primm say goodbye, &
when rue died.

2. the worst smell i have ever encountered was in high school when i hit a skunk with my car.
for weeks my car reeked. 

3. i have fallen asleep in a tanning bed for at least 30 minutes after the bed turned off. woops!

4. i spent a good 90 minutes on youtube yesterday watching videos of people reuniting with their loved ones, and i cried every time. 
like THIS, THIS, and THIS
can you tell i'm excited?

5. the only add i look at on sunday is the target add.
love me some target.

link up with alyx today and confess your own.

and tomorrow link up your hunger games reviews!


Melissa said...

Great confessions! Im seeing the hunger games in a hour can't wait!! :)

Alyx said...

Oh my gosh. I LOVED the HG.
You're getting filmed when you meet him at the airport, right?! Please say yes.
Thanks for linking up!

Valerie Griffin said...

i got teary in hunger games too

Chelsey said...

oh great, thanks for ruining the movie. rue dies!??!?! i wish you would have posted a spoiler alert at the top of the post.

also, you don't update you picture blog, like ever.

DarkNiteV said...

I totally cried when Katniss said good bye to Rue too. I had to look around to see if anyone in the theater around me could hear me. I was trying to be all sly about it. :)

Thanks for your reply to my post. Good to know I'm not the only one who like my Sundays to be quiet and lazy. :)

Catie said...

I totally got teary eyed at more than a few spots during the Hunger Games. I loved the movie, though! So good.

I love watching reuniting videos. The ones where the dads come back from deployment and surprise their kids at school always get me the most. :D