the things i have learned.

this week began my student teaching experience in the 2nd grade.
it's only been two days and i have learned quite a bit.

-drinking three water bottles before noon does not bode well for the ol' bladder.
teachers pretty much only get to pee once a day during lunch. no bueno.

-second graders will hold you to anything you say, especially if treats are involved.

-if you give the whole class a bathroom/water break, without a doubt at least one kid will ask to go to the bathroom ten minutes later.

-second graders think you are cool if you sit on the ground with them, and not in the "teacher chair."

-even second graders think jacob from twilight is attractive.
one little girl wrote a story today called,
"My hot boyfriend, Taylor Lautner."

-second grade boys have stinky feet.

-unfortunately in second grade, girls can be catty.

-i will probably be called "teacher" until my last name changes.
apparently vanchiere is just too hard to remember.

-second graders say some pretty great things.
"teacher, you got it goin on!  those boots look nice on you." - little boy

"i wish the school day wasn't over, i'm not ready to quit learning." - little girl

"i want to be just like my mom when i grow up, do you know what she does?.... She goes to bars and sings karaoke." - little girl

second graders are pretty dang precious.
all 30 of them.



Dearest Lou said...

Haha too funny! Love the quotes at the end!

Julie said...

Ahahaha..that last comment about this little girl's momma! Oh, if she only knew :)
Looks like things don't change much between 2nd and 5th graders. They will also ask to go to the bathroom 10...no 5 minutes after a bathroom break. And their Taylor Lautner "crushes" turn into marriages...I had a student pray during morning petitions for her "husband" on UL's basketball team, that he plays well in the Sweet 16 game this weekend. Don't you look forward to going to work every day to see what's next?!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh, the quotes are hilarious! I remember when I used to love school so much that I didn't want to go home!

Tregani Lanham said...

please those quotes are precious!!!

Melissa said...

haha i love this post and the quotes at the end! little kids crack me up! :)

Samantha said...

lol those quotes are awesome!

Ronida said...

wow..this is a lovely post...I remember when I was also a 2nd grader...I did most of these things too


Alyx said...

BAHAHAHAH!!! I'd wanna be just like that little girl's mom, too!
And THAT is reason32764 why I love kiddos.

haleybrianna said...

there's no age limit to thinking taylor lautner is hot. ;) I'm glad you found something you enjoy so much!
Just so you know, I posted about my shoes just for YOU!


memory said...

Bahahaha! Kids say the most awesomest and funniest things! I love em :) Oh me, I couldn't handle the once a day bathroom break as a teacher. I try to drink lots and lots of water every day so I don't think that would not go over well with me! :P

Thanks for your comment on my book post! Yay for reading :) I hope you can check out One Thousand Gifts sometime, it really is a great book.