the things i'm dreaming of.

i have diagnosed myself with ADD.
this semester it is so hard for me to focus and pay attention in class.
it's safe to say that i am either
-talking to rachel
-playing on my phone
-day dreaming
while sitting in three hour long classes.

the funny thing is, is that i really am listening.  i feel like i get just as much as anyone else in the class.  i just have to be doing something else too.

lately, i've been dreaming of these lovely things...

lake powell. oh my favorite place on the earth. i am dying for summer to come so that i can go.

john mayer concerts. OH MY. the top two pictures are from when he came in 2008.  the bottom two are from when he came in 2010. you better believe i will be there if he comes again for his new CD.
please look at him, how could you not swoon?

disneyland and california adventures. may can not come soon enough!

and of course, the number one thing i day dream about is 
april 11, 2012

this is when i will see matthew at the airport for the first time in two years.
i play the scene over and over and over in my head of how i think it's going to go.
i'm gonna do my awkward squealing laugh penguin bobble, i just know it.
our reunion will be captured on film, so you can all enjoy it too.
are you stooooked? well you should be :)
haha only kidding, but on a very real note, i'm stoked enough for all of us.
34 days folks. 34 days.



Tregani Lanham said...

for reals only 34 days...I may have just peed my pants.
That is so soon!!!!!

Julie said...

Aww wow! It's approaching quickly, 34 days will fly by!!

Alyx said...

Ah! That's coming up so fast! I'm so excited for you!!

Lesley @ my lively mind said...

Wow, that's exciting!! Can't wait to hear about it. Never heard of Lake Powell, but it looks beautiful!

Valerie Griffin said...

going to see John Mayer April 30th SO PUMPED!

alex butts said...

that's a LAKE? are you joking? unreal! how awesome!

and 34 woohooo!

lori said...

gorgeous pictures. just came across your blog. so cute!

rachel. said...

gah!! also your summer photos are the best, and the fact that we can't pay attention in class thats the best too! haha

andrea brionne said...

no way. april 11th?! i have a guy that i used to date coming back from his mission the same time! crazzyy! i hope it turns out just like you've daydreamed :)