i feel like i'm taking crazy pills.

 just start calling me mugatu, because this is truly how i feel.

my emotions are all over the place.
one minute i'm flailing around with excitement,
the next i feel like vomiting from the nerves.
i go from being freakishly quiet, to bouncing off the wall, and the next minute tears roll down my face.

it is INSANE.

i'm happy, overjoyed, nervous, excited, a little sad, overwhelmed, grateful, stressed, but mostly just happy that my man is coming home in less than 72 hours.
i know you're all probably annoyed cuz it's basically all i have been talking about, but its a huge deal to me.
for the first time in four years, matt and i will have a real relationship.

good news though, i have pretty much decided what i am going to wear.
here is a sample...

your opinions on the shoes and the whole outfit itself would be greatly appreciated.
happy easter my friends.


Samantha said...

well, you can not freak out about the outfit cuz you're gonna look like a hottie in that get up! Ahhh! 3 days!

brielle dubois said...

ok i have butterflies and this isn't even happening to me! love the blazer & payless shoes! good luck hun!

xo, b.

Corinne said...

Looks great! I am so excited for you lady! Do the payless shoes for sure!

Breenah said...

Super cute! Go with the Old Navy shoes. You'll be less likely to trip when you run to hug him :)

paige and jord said...

i'm so excited FOR you, lady! i just cant wait to hear how it all goes- (the getup is killer!) good luck am!

Katie said...

i love that blazer! and I have those shoes from old navy - I got them on clearance while ago and can't figure out how/what to wear them with! it looks like they'd look cute with this outfit!

Jamie Pilgrim said...

Aww! how exciting! As cute as that outfit totally is, I doubt he'll be paying much attention to what you're wearing ;)

Alex Butts said...