books of 2012 - #7

book #7

I have read many Ellen Hopkins books, and I loved this one just as much as the others.  She writes her books in poetry form and it's really interesting to read.  Her books are a bit deep and heavy (substance abuse, physical abuse, sex, relationships etc.), so if you get offended easily these are not the books for you.  However, they are really fast, easy, and enjoyable to read.

here is a sample of her writing, which i love...

do you define a word without
concrete meaning?  To each
his own, the saying goes, so
push to attain an ideal
state of being that no two
random people will agree is
you want to be?  Faultless.
Finished. Incomparable. People
can never be these, and anyway, 
did creating a flawless facade
become a more vital goal
than learning to love the person
lives inside your skin?
The outside belongs to others.
Only you should decide for you - 
is perfect.


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Tregani Lanham said...

I totally forgot that we read this book. I need to add it to my list as well. Love