blood. lots of it.

today i received an email from matt with the subject of:
"that's what happens when you take a charge in pick up ball..."

i open it to find this picture
and this explanation:

"at this moment i am emailing you i have 4 staples in the back of my head!  I flopped Manu Genobli style playing ball this morning and the floor came a lot faster than expected!  Goes to show you why you just foul em instead of takin a shoulder to the chest and tryin to draw a charge in pick up ball!  Don't worry it's not too bad... there was a a lot of blood though and that was way cool!!  My head is bumpin right now so forgive me for any grammatical errors."

really, i shouldn't be surprised at all because this kid is the most accident prone human known to mankind.  but i'll be honest, i had a bit of a panic when i saw the blood.

good news though, he's ok :)


Breenah said...

After getting over the fact it was blood I just thought "hey, that's a pretty cool picture". And I'm the same kind of person who'd stop to get a picture before going and getting help as long as I wasn't dying, haha.

Alyx said...

Holy crap. Glad he's okay!