sunday confessions.

i am very late spilling my confessions today, but here they are...

1. i have a new found obsession with dr.pepper 10.
i used to believe that diet dr. pepper was a pretty good alternative to dr. pepper, but this stuff is far better.
the same great taste, with only 10 calories.
try it.

2. sometimes when my hair is really greasy and i have no time to wash it, i put baby powder in it.  
my mother taught me that trick long ago.  because of that, i have yet to try dry shampoo.

3. on friday night i paraded the town wearing a normal top and cardigan on the top half, and sweats and slippers on the bottom half. (it was a LONG week... girl just wanted to be wearing sweats! haha)

4. i lose my keys on a weekly basis. true story.
this week, i was late to student teaching because my keys were nowhere to be found.
i need them to have a tracker so that i can find them on a moment's notice.  

5. the next ten days i am going to be in la-la land.
if you talk to me, chances are i won't be listening 100%.
my thoughts are sure to be consumed with excitement, nervousness, awkwardness, happiness, etc.
for you see, in just ten days the two of us reunite.
this was taken the evening before he left.
april 6, 2010

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Nikkiana said...

In the wintertime I do so much better about not losing my keys because I keep them in my jacket pocket. Once I don't have to wear a jacket out in the spring... I'm constantly losing them.

Valerie Griffin said...

my mother used baby powder in our hair all the time when we were little!

Julie said...

I use the baby powder trick too! It smells so good :) Your next 10 days will fly by I'm sure, have a great week!

Breenah said...

Yay that you get to reunite soon! I prefer dry shampoo (in the spray) because it smells better and mixes in my hair easier. I'm always left looking a little like Cruella de Vil with baby powder.

Alyx said...

How do you do baby powder without making your hair white?1 Share all, because dry shampoo is kinda pricey (for us po folk, anyway)!
And I'm gonna have to try this DP 10 stuff. I'm not a fan of diet DP but if you say this is better, I trust you!! :)

eef said...

I totally do that sweat pants and slippers thing on the bottom too! Or yoga pants... I really like comfy pants! hahaha
Also, as soon as I get home from somewhere and I've been wearing jeans or dress pants, I take my pants off and put on sweats. Like, first thing!

Courtney B said...

I use baby powder, too! No dry shampoo for me :)
Ah! I am so excited for you to meet him at the airport! YAY!

andie jaye said...

found your blog through social sunday at the kurtz corner. am a new follower of yours! cheers to you for the sweats thing. as a sahm, it's all i wear! you're such a little doll! i can't wait to see what the next week or so brings for you!