sunday confessions.

what a week this has been!!
i just want to thank all of my bloggy and real life friends for the kind words and comments and shared excitement regarding matt coming home.
it truly has been such an amazing, wonderful, happy, overwhelming experience
and it's been so fun to share it with so many people.
so THANK YOU all :)

1. my whole life i have thought that the phillippines were located somewhere near south america.
it's not.
only took 24 years and a very downy moment on my part to figure that out.

2. i have found a form of milk that i will drink.
this is a big step for me.

3. i am now on instagram.
follow me @ amylynn188
and if you are on let me know your username so i can follow you too!

4. kissing someone you love is SO MUCH BETTER than kissing people you don't really care about.

5. my teaching word that i say way too much is "k" or "okay"
i discovered this during my 2nd grade student teaching experience.
also, those kiddos may have stolen my heart.

link up with alyx.

thanks again for all the love!


Torie said...

Kissing someone you love is WAY better. Way, way better. It's that melt into it, tummy drops, breathe it in and never let it go feeling. :) Fun confessions. I'm so glad you have the boy back!

kurt and angel blain :) said...

sooo for one i love your blog! and two i love you and totally miss youuu!! and three i will have to try that milk because i CAN NOT drink or even smell normal milk, and four: I am sooo happy for you and matty boy!!! ohh i can't wait to see what your future holds with you two!! he is such a cutie and you are gorgeous as always!! you look beautiful and so happy!! hope you are doing well and miss you so so much :)

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Haha! Love this!
New follower from the Sunday Social!
I'm going to look you up on instagram... I'm new on it too! @mom2mandr

Valerie Griffin said...

almond milk is my favorite. EVER :)

Ronida said...

haha. I'm from the Philippines and have to read that first confession twice. lol. Just curious, what made you think we're in South America?

And definitely, those kids will catch your heart. I love kids too :)


Courtney B said...

AH! You two are my favorite. Seriously precious!
I want to try almond milk but I'm really nervous to!

eryka {from abcde} said...

Im on Instagram. @erykaann

I love all these pics of you and the boy! So cute!!!! :)

Emily said...

This is so, so lovely! Your dress is incredible (seriously, where did you get it??) and you both look so happy :) Congratulations! And welcome home to Matt :)

Ashley Eliza said...

you better be framing all of those pics of you guys else i will do it for you!!!! aw im in love with you guys!


DebbieDoesCreations said...

What a great idea...Sunday confessions. Kissing someone who is a great kisser helps too! Thanks so much for coming to The Sunday Social. It was great to meet you. I am your newest follower :)

Lena said...

You like almond milk and you're a teacher?? I mean that's basically awesomeness all in itself. So glad that I came across your blog!! Newest follower, right here:))

ashley.warner said...

ummmm can you find me a love as pure and true as yours? mmmkay, thanks!

you two are PERFECT! I love this! makes me smile!!!!!!