7 questions.

walking the strip of vegas in bare feet...yeah, i did that.

1. What is your favorite App? (even if you don't have a smart phone I'm sure you've played around with someone else's)
i'm gonna have to go with INSTAGRAM.  it is fairly new to me and still quite exciting.  plus it's way better than posting pictures on the old FB.  follow me @ amylynn188.

2. You have to come up with a book title on the spot- what is it? (don't think- just say!)

Sick Beats Are All We Need.  (song that's stuck in my head... haha) keep your eyes peeled for this best seller!!

3. You are given the choice between laughing at everything- always, or never being able to laugh again. Which would you choose?

For sure laugh at everything.  I pretty much do this anyway.  What fun would life be if no one ever laughed??

4. What natural disaster scares you the most? (tornado, hurricane, earthquake, flood, etc)

Seeing as how I live in Utah and an earthquake is most probable, I would have to go with that.  To be honest though, I'm quite terrified of natural disasters in all forms.

5. What time do you wake up each day? What time do you go to sleep?

Every day is different.  Usually I wake up anywhere from 7-9am.  I am SUCH a night owl.  My bed time is generally between 2-4am...not a good habit, but it works for me right now.

6. (question courtesy of Katie) Who's your daddy, and what does he do?

my daddy is named Mike, and he is top notch.  He makes small business loans all over Utah.  Chances are you enjoy the services from many of his projects each day.  go daddy-o!!

7. What's the craziest dream you've ever had? (like an actual dream- while you were sleeping)
I have said this before, but i DO NOT enjoy dreaming.  It freaks me out, even when they are good dreams.  Because of my dislike of dreams I rarely wake up remembering them.  

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Alex Butts said...

that photo is disgustingly awesome

Alex Butts said...

that photo is disgustingly awesome

AFwife7911 said...

So brave to walk around vegas barefoot! Yuck ;-P
I really dislike dreaming too...it's hard to explain why, but I definitely understand why you dislike them! Thanks for sharing! :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Oh wow... I can only imagine the nastiness that are on your soles!

Samantha said...

what was the dream with me in it?!

Julie said...

ick! You've got guts girl!

Gentri said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeew. I don't think I could ever be brave enough to walk on the strip in bare feet. :/ You are brave and I hope you SCRUBBED those feet! hahaha! That's so funny that you don't like dreaming, I love it!

Ashley Eliza said...

you are a brave girl!!!

ps i am still laughing over my creeper text i sent you today.. its a small world after all