send something good.

i have so much to catch up on, but that will have to wait for another day.
i am participating in the "Send Something Good"  project hosted by gentri, kaitlyn, and kristy.
if you aren't familiar, check it out here!

this is me, amy lynn vanchiere.  and my love matthew who just returned home one week ago from serving an LDS mission for 2 years.  it was a joyous and happy reunion :)

some of my favorite things...

1. books. oh how i love to read.

2. finger nail polish. i seriously have an addiction to purchasing the polish.

3. yummy treats. i definitely have a sweet tooth.

4. discovering new music

5. elephants

6. bracelets

7. the color turquoise
8. pictures. quotes. home decor

9. outdoors

10. holiday socks.  it may be all i wear.

i am so excited about this!! i think it will be fun to meet new bloggy friends and get to know people better.  
here, here to these three ladies who put together this amazing project!!



Alex Butts said...

so sad i missed out on this opportunity, how cool!

jamie brooke said...

I love elephants, reading and the color turquoise as well :)

Lesley @ my lively mind said...

i'm sad i missed out, too!

Kristy Lynn said...

hey Amy! books are the best thing ever. real books though. none of this electronic kindle crap. ;)

glad to have you participating in Send Something Good! Talk to you soon!

ps. you've misspelled my name at the top. It's kristY, not kristi. thanks love!

patience said...

thanks for the shout out! and props to you for wearing holiday socks - i have this very real FEAR of wearing colourful socks, i just can't do it!

Gentri said...

I love holiday socks too! :D haha! I have Christmas ones, halloween ones, and Valentines ones. :)

Deidre Edmunds said...

I love the part about your missionary returning! Best day.

xo-Deidre deejmbl.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I found your blog via the something good blog that's going around and I absolutely love all 10 of your things! Especially elephants, nail polish, books and turquoise!

Your newest follower, Steph!

Terri said...

oooo, those bracelets are super pretty. :)

Soooo glad that I found your blog through Something Good!!

haleybrianna said...

you two are so precious!!!!! :)

Natasha L'nei said...

Love your post...don't worry, there are worst addictions to have than to the polish :)))