jane takes a dump. the photo kind.

jane is my cell phone. she is going to show you what i have been up to lately. i have lost misplaced carl, my camera, so the pictures aren't the greatest but it's all good.

matthew had to have surgery about two weeks ago, so we have had a lot of down time.  it has allowed us to really watch and get into the NBA playoffs which has been pretty sweet.

OKC baby!!

lots of sunday drives to the canyon/river.
i may or may not have fallen in trying to reach this rock.
also, my cutest little love carries this backpack with him wherever we go, usually with nothing in it.

family game nights. my mom is pretty much the funniest person ever, without trying to be.
she also cheats.

dance club year end carnival.
so much fun and the weather was awesome.

fun at work.  these little humans make my job so much more enjoyable.

matt took a week long business trip to corpus christi, TX.  we spent lots of time texting and talking on the phone and sending outfit mirror pics because we are cool like that.
every night matt would walk along the beach and find homeless humans to hang out with.
the picture in the top left is russell, his best homeless friend.

spent some QT with my women, scoring free food and getting the hair did.
side note: i wore the same outfit (top picture) for 48 hours straight and went to the gym 4 times in said outfit.  that's what happens when the guy leaves for awhile haha. i'm aware that is pretty disgusting, i'm working on it.
(i showered though in between gyms, and changed my unders and stuff don't worry.. somehow the same clothes just ended up on my body)

my little alli bug graduated from preschool//dark and rainy day//sunni bunny just keeps getting cuter and cuter, seriously that chubby face mmmmm!

the brother and the boy riding a scooter together, pretty comical sight.
rockin the boys stunna shades he left in my car.
eye doctor appointments, which i love.
finally, FINALLY getting to skype with my ra-ra.

it's confirmed. august 31st :)
you can all come.

also, i just need to say two things..

numero uno: on saturday alone matthew and i combined worked a total of 29 1/2 hours.  we did not see each other until 11:00pm and we were both so dead.  cash money flow!
the things you do to prepare for marriage and life.

numero dos: matt is being the sneakiest human ever about the proposal.  he's always got secret texts and phone calls going on. it drives me crazy, but in a good way.  i'm kind of hard to surprise.  i'm the kind of person the peeks at presents and figures things out, it's just in my nature.  with that being said, matthew is doing every thing he can to make sure i'm out of the loop. and a good job at that.
i'm nervous about how i'm going to react.
i'm so awkward with surprises.
but i can't wait.

maybe i should blog more often so my posts aren't 27 miles long.
if you made it through, i'll send you a sticker :)
i love you all.


Mike, Adi & Drew said...

CONGRATS!!!! you stinker...did you blog about this and I just missed it?! Ring? Proposal? Seriously...some info please!!!

lexdanzspazz said...

really amy ... the Thunder! i thought i knew you better

Rachel McCarty said...

i look like a bunny.
also please lets talk about you and matts picture on caits blog.. its great :]

Ashley Eliza said...

i can't wait to get my sticker :)

okay and umm i can't help but smile when i read all of this!!!


Kristi Haslam said...

ahh!! I can't wait for Aug. 31st!

Autumn said...

congratulations! I remember when my husband and I got the letter about our marriage date...we totally kept it!

Richson said...

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Alli said...

I got sealed in the SL Temple! Its amazing!