friday letters.

dear allergies,
you are kicking my butt. please go away so my eyes can catch a break.

dear boyfriend,
stop tricking me and trying to throw me off.  just propose already :) or i might have to! haha

dear california,
i cannot wait to be in your great state.  if you could make sure the sun is shining bright i'd be one happy lady.

dear j-lo,
if you want to trade bodies, i'd be ok with that.

dear chocolate covered gummy bears,
sorry i judged you.  i completely underestimated your sweet goodness, and now i desire you often. too often.

happy friday my friends!
i'm off to sunny california tomorrow with the parents and the boy.



Breenah said...

I didn't know chocolate covered gummi bears existed, but now I want some.
Have fun in Cali!

Cait said...

mmm chocolate covered gummy bears. oh my woorrddd! cute blog girl!

Rachel McCarty said...

haha please j-lo!

Alyssa said...

Oh, I would kill for J-Lo's body!! I'm so jealous haha!

Alyx said...

Have fun in Cali!! I bet he proposes while you're there... check his pockets! hahaha