california and hima.

hello to all.
i write you from the {beautiful} and {sunny} newport beach.

i will be spending the next week here with some of my family and of course mr. harris.

i'm quite excited to getaway for awhile and relax.
while i am away i have lined up some great guest posts for you from the ladies you see to the right

first up is Hima from My Musings.  she is fairly new to the blog world and i will let her introduce herself....

Why, hello there! I'm Hima, a 14 year-old self-described optimist, in the Silicon Valley (CA).  I'm absolutely addicted to strawberries, kiwis, and sea salt chocolate covered almonds. I'm a first degree black belt in taekwondo. My blog is mainly a lifestyle blog, but I love to do recipes, fashion, music, and just about everything! I'd love to meet you and get to know you AND your blog!

1)   I’m Young!
Most bloggers are either college or 20-something lifestyle bloggers, family bloggers, product bloggers or photography bloggers. Of course, every major corporation has their own blog too. But me? I’m still in high school, and a freshman at that! 

2)   Monday Melodies
Every Monday, I do a spotlight on one song or artist whom I think is really good and could get more recognition. I try not to post about mainstream artists because everyone already knows about them! Monday Melodies helps introduce people to amazing artists who might just not be on the radio 24/7. Who knows? You might find a new favorite!

3)   Tutorials on anything and everything
I’m not terribly artistic or anything, but I have bouts of creativity and I love simple DIY-projects and anything to do with duct tape! I also love baking and will often do an easy tutorial on my latest culinary adventure or craft-attempt. Just sharing the wealth, ya’ll.

4)   Thought-Rambles
I often have the weirdest thoughts and I love to put them down in writing to see what people think of them. Because they are usually long and a little unstructured, I’ve termed them thought-rambles. So far I’ve written about Romeo and Juliet and Harry Potter, and I've got something new lined up for this week!

Hope this entices you to check out my blog.  I'd love to get to know you and your blog! Thank you so much for having me Amy!


isn't she just cute? be sure and check out her blog for more greatness.

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ashley.warner said...

have fun on your getaway!